Let’s Be Shore

The Let’s Be Shore Project wants to help your organization to continue the dialogue about water quality on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. 

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Let’s Be Shore project this year. Click on the icon or links below to read summaries of each event and other participant comments.  Did you watch a video portrait, attend a sharing station, dialogue event, or presentation?  Please share your feedback.

   A CONVERSATION                                                            STORIES FROM THE SHORE
ABOUT LAND & WATER                                                    
The Garfield Center for the Arts
during the Chesapeake Film Festival                                 at the Prince Theatre
Talbot County Free Library, Easton                                    Oct 20, 2012
Sept 23, 2012
Salisbury University
Oct 22, 2012

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Most of us don’t think about water.  We turn on the tap and there it is.  But for the growing number of residents who live along the Eastern Shore, and for those who glean a living from Maryland’s most precious waterway, there are as many opinions about county watershed implementation plans (WIPs) as species that live and thrive in the Chesapeake Bay.

Let’s Be Shore, a project of the Maryland Humanities Council’s Practicing Democracy program, wants to jump start the conversation.

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Let’s Be Shore
seeks to bring people with divergent perspectives together for respectful dialogue, offering a forum for residents to express views on the issues of land use, agriculture, the economy, and water quality along Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Let’s Be Shore uses photography, short films, and other humanities pieces to spur Eastern Shore residents to share their personal connection to the water, think critically about water quality, and come together to better understand the complexity of this multi-faceted issue.
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