Riverkeepers – Tom Leigh & Drew Koslow

Midshore Riverkeepers Tom Leigh and Drew Koslow talk about the importance of clean water for healthy communities. They describe their mission as well as how the Watershed Implementation Plans play a role in the efforts to improve water quality in the Chesapeake Bay region.

About MD Humanities Council

LetsBeShore is a project of the Maryland Humanities Council's Practicing Democracy program, bringing together multiple perspectives for passionate and respectful dialogue about land use and agriculture and their effect on water quality along Maryland's Eastern Shore.
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10 Responses to Riverkeepers – Tom Leigh & Drew Koslow

  1. winslow.dave@gmail.com says:

    Dave Winslow
    Past member of Lower Shore Trib Team
    Retired from wastewater treatment field (35 years)
    Important issues related to improving water quality in my view:
    - Create needed dialogue/education for stakeholders and the public so all views are understood and valued
    - Deal with accurate data/good science
    - Keep in mind that the 17 million people living in the Bay watershed are all sources of pollution and need to take owership of their own waste/be willing to adequately fund water quality improvement needs such as wastewater treatment system upkeep/upgrades, agricultural run off control maintaining farmer’s ability to stay in buisness from a financial standpoint, other.
    - Value all stakeholders on going efforts to improve water quality.

  2. There should be info on the cost to an individual farmer

  3. My thoughts are that you can not change what God has made. The video does help with awareness for people not to dump or try to limit what happens to the bay. it is a valued past time that we need for the future. Dorchester Co. age: 20

  4. If the WIP is a locally structured plan as the Riverkeepers said, why do the farmers feel as if the WIP is blaming the farmers?

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  7. Dialogue Event Participant says:

    I agree with their goals. This is where the actual measurements will be taken. They know the rivers, they know where the runoff begins.

  8. Dialogue Event Participant says:

    I disagree with Riverkeepers thought that just because agriculture was 70% of land use, that it contributes 70% of the pollutants. Look at Wicomico River, the city of Salisbury is a small portion of the land use but a huge contributor of nutrients.

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