Waterfront Homeowner – Annabel Lesher

Waterfront homeowner and long time resident Annabel Lesher talks about her connection to the water living along the banks of the Miles River. She reflects on how the area and environment has changed in her time living here and talks about her personal efforts to become an active and engaged citizen regarding water quality issues.

About MD Humanities Council

LetsBeShore is a project of the Maryland Humanities Council's Practicing Democracy program, bringing together multiple perspectives for passionate and respectful dialogue about land use and agriculture and their effect on water quality along Maryland's Eastern Shore.
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4 Responses to Waterfront Homeowner – Annabel Lesher

  1. More education is needed on the Shore regarding overfertilization of lawns with nitrogen – no living shorelines. People here don’t seem responsive to suggestions or making changes. More “hands on” approaches are needed. More power to this dialogue.

  2. Sharing Station Participant says:

    The WIP programs seem like a good idea, good intentions, but like all well-meant ideas, I see a lot of possible negative consequences. The homeowner who didn’t use pesticides and fertilizers was well in her right to do so – but making that compulsory for others violates their individual rights. Trying to legislate environmental concerns always backfires.

  3. Sharing Station Participant says:

    Waterfront property owners are not always as conscious of water quality as Annabel Lesher, so it is good to know that some recognize the detrimental effects on excess nutrients on the Bay. The rivers and creeks are more or less part of their front yard, and yet she is changing her behavior to have a positive impact because she can see negative effects.

  4. Sharing Station Participant says:

    The “bridge” is an interesting factor. The Creek watcher woman was impressive. Her honesty and directness was refreshing.

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