You talked…you listened…now reflect!

Recently the Let’s Be Shore project had the pleasure of producing, with valued local partners, two dialogue events in October.

The first was a Reader’s Theater, followed by discussion moderated by the Maryland Conflict and Resolution Office (MACRO), on Saturday, October 20 at the Garfield Center for the Arts at the Prince Theatre.  “Stories from the Shore” was an original play created from Let’s Be Shore transcripts of interviews with Eastern Shore residents.  After the play the audience participated in “Lou’s Bar,” facilitated by Lou Gieszl of MACRO.

On October 22 at Salisbury University, Let’s Be Shore teamed up with the Institute for Public Affairs and Civic Engagement (PACE) at Salisbury University for a World Café-style dialogue event, “Land, Water, and Communities: What is the Future of the Shore?” Over 100 participants watched Let’s Be Shore video portraits, then broke into smaller discussion groups.

Did you attend one of our Let’s Be Shore dialogue events?  Now that you’ve had some  time to reflect on your experience, please share your feedback with comments below or send us an email at

  • What would you like to see as the “Lets Be Shore” program’s next step? More dialogues? More outreach to new populations? More education on topics? Something else?
  • Are there specific topics related to land use, water quality, and agriculture that should be addressed in more depth?
  • Are there specific local groups, individuals, or organizations that you feel should be involved in this process? Who are they?
  • What suggestions do you have for improving the “Let’s Be Shore” events or the program?

Thank you for participating in the Let’s Be Shore project!  In the coming weeks we will be posting excerpts from transcripts and other reports on each event.

About MD Humanities Council

LetsBeShore is a project of the Maryland Humanities Council's Practicing Democracy program, bringing together multiple perspectives for passionate and respectful dialogue about land use and agriculture and their effect on water quality along Maryland's Eastern Shore.
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