Reflections on Let’s Be Shore: Drew Koslow

Recently the Let’s Be Shore team asked another participant, Drew Koslow, to reflect on his experience with the project.  Another video portrait participant, Drew Koslow, also responded to our questions.  Drew’s responses are below. 

You can read and share comments made by other participants, from dialogue event attendees to sharing station visitors, to users who watched our video portraits and responded.  Do you want to share your experience with Let’s Be Shore?  Feel free to comment on one of our many comments pages, posts, or below in response to this post.

(LBS) Why did you participate in the Let’s Be Shore project?

I participated in the Let’s Be Shore dialogue process because I believe in dialogue to solve problems.  When people can sit down and share their views and listen to others respectfully, then it’s far easier to come to some type of consensus once people get to know each other and understand their motivations.

(LBS) How were you affected by your participation in Let’s Be Shore?

I feel like the process helped me to clarify my thoughts on the WIP process and helped me express, not only the way I feel about the cleaning up the Chesapeake but also gave me the space to talk about why I have built a career working to restore our waterways and build community at the same time.

(LBS) What did you like most?

For me, the most enjoyable part of the process was being interviewed by (Project Manager) Beth Barbush.  Beth has a rare ability to ask probing questions and then sit back and give somebody the space to answer the question while taking as much time as they want or need.

  • Watch Drew Koslow’s Let’s Be Shore video portrait with fellow Riverkeeper Tom Leigh.

(LBS) Did you learn anything new by taking part? How did your participation in the Let’s Be Shore project affect your perceptions about land use, agriculture, and water quality?

I did learn a lot by watching some of the other interviews.  They gave me an opportunity to really understand where other people are coming from, their motivations and insight in how to talk to them in a productive way.

Drew Koslow,  Choptank Riverkeeper, is a biologist and noted clean water advocate. Drew was instrumental in starting the South River Federation and served as its president from 1999-2002 and served for four years as its first full-time South Riverkeeper. Drew obtained a graduate degree in marine biology from the University of Virginia and has worked for both the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Maryland Department of Natural Resources. He began as the Choptank Riverkeeper in April 2009.

About MD Humanities Council

LetsBeShore is a project of the Maryland Humanities Council's Practicing Democracy program, bringing together multiple perspectives for passionate and respectful dialogue about land use and agriculture and their effect on water quality along Maryland's Eastern Shore.
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