Chestertown Oct 20

at the Chesapeake Wildlife Exhibition and Sale
October 20, 2012, 2:00pm-4:00pm
The Garfield Center for the Arts at The Prince Theatre

The Maryland Humanities Council’s Let’s Be Shore program partnered with the Garfield Center for the Arts at the Prince Theatre to present “Stories from the Shore,” an original

Lou Gieszl (MACRO) mediates his”Lou’s Bar”  discussion format with participants.

performance created from collected interviews and personal perspectives from local Eastern Shore residents. The performance was followed by refreshments and an audience-led dialogues moderated by the Maryland Mediation and Conflict Resolution Office (MACRO).

This word cloud is comprised of words heard in the audience discussion after the Readers’ Theater performance.


Dialogue Quotes

“I’m concerned about the environment, concerned about the need for development in our area,  I’m concerned about how we can combine the two, how we can both provide jobs while we protect the environment…. How do we reduce the COST of protecting the environment?”
David, dialogue comment

“I used to own a business in Chestertown, I used to own a restaurant. I’ve since lost the restaurant due to the economic problems we’re having. But it was during all this new development and all these new people, the ’come here’s.’ All these people were coming to the area and all this building was going on and all these things were happening and my business started to decline. And the reason was that with the new people came a Subway and Subway has these $5 subs and I couldn’t afford that. I couldn’t sell my subs that cheaply. And then everyone talks how you need to be environmental and people would complain because I served my salads in Styrofoam containers, but I could only afford to use the Styrofoam containers. I got a letter once from some group in town saying they’d like all downtown businesses to go green….I would have loved to have done, but it’s like ten times the cost and I couldn’t charge anymore for the food I was selling because then people would complain about that, just to afford to get rid of the Styrofoam that they weren’t buying anyway. The thing is that everybody has such great ideas and they come to you and say ‘buy potato flatware’. And I would love to do that if they’re going to pay me for that.
And about all these people who moved here. There are no new jobs. All these stores are closing. The downtown became nothing but real-estate agencies which is ridiculous and most of the people who moved work on the western shore so Monday through Friday they‘re spending all their money over the bridge and weren’t spending it here and then on the weekend they were traveling to Dover b/c it’s tax free or staying home because they didn’t want to drive anywhere, and so local businesses weren’t getting any of it, so I don’t think that 5,000 people can sustain Chestertown now. But do I want more people to come. NO.”
– Jen, dialogue comment

Audience Survey Comments
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“We cannot come to meaningful change without listening to each others’ needs, concerns, etc.  Today was a great first attempt to open important dialogue about these critical issues that impeach us all.” – dialogue attendee survey comment.

“I had NO idea about aquaculture and the problems with oystering and the plight of the watermen.” – dialogue attendee survey comment

“Bring the conversation to the formats where people feel comfortable and ‘safe’ – local fire halls, meeting places of Future Farmers of America, local Rotary/Kiwanis, etc, to encourage participation by representative groups.” –dialogue attendee survey comment


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