Salisbury Oct 22

October 22, 2012, 5pm-9pm
Salisbury University- Wicomico Room, Guerrieri University Commons
1101 Campden Avenue |  Salisbury 21801

This dialogue event offered an opportunity to bring together the Lower Shore community and discover common ground through dialogue. The Maryland Humanities Council (MHC) and The Institute for Public Affairs and Civic Engagement at Salisbury University (PACE) employed the World Café discussion model to build and strengthen relationships and attain a deeper understanding about how to address the struggle between supporting a vibrant agricultural industry while adequately protecting water quality.

Click here to read the Let’s Be Shore World Cafe final report (PDF)

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This word cloud is comprised of terms used in the World Cafe discussion.

Survey Comments:
Click here to read more comments, left on postcards, from this event.

“I got a better sense of farmers’ points of view and the value of allowing farms to be successful to avoid urban sprawl.” –dialogue attendee survey comment

“I am much more aware of the impact of regulations on farmers and more aware of the cost involved in reducing nutrient run-off on small towns.” –dialogue attendee survey comment

“It’s a start to a program that could be very influential. My opinions have stayed where they are, but I am more determined to get involved.” –dialogue attendee survey comment

“Yes, I think many people learned from today.  They may not have changed their views but maybe their own views were reinforced or they at least listened to others.” –dialogue attendee survey comment

“Absolutely, civil dialogue is so rare now and therefore, more important.  Rarely do people of varying backgrounds sit down to discuss anything, let alone conflict riddled issues.” –dialogue attendee survey comment

“Yes, it would be good to have a dialogue program about very specific pieces of legislation upon which there are very divergent views, such as WIP or SB1236.” –dialogue attendee survey comment


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