Video Portraits

As watershed implementation plans (WIPs) are being formed, residents are facing decisions about the role they will play in guiding, supporting or changing the process. Video portraits present personal stories, hopes, and fears focusing on the current action around clean water advocacy efforts, regulatory measures, and the currently polarized conversation around these actions.

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Please view each video, reflect, and then add your voice to the dialogue by leaving a comment:

  • Did you learn anything from the video?
  • Do you relate to or agree with this perspective? If not, share your view in response.
  • If you could ask the video subject a follow up question, what would you ask?
  • Please share an opinion that has not been represented in these videos.

Johnny Schockley

Third generation waterman Johnny Schockley discusses his life and the culture of the watermen on Hooper’s Island. He voices his concerns about the health of the Bay and describes his new aquaculture business and its role as a potential solution to current water quality issues.
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Jenny Rhodes, poultry farmerDelmarva poultry farmer Jenny Rhodes is also a Queen Anne’s County agriculture and natural resources agent. She speaks about her family, her work, the poultry industry, and the threat that regulations pose to her way of life and agriculture as a whole.
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John KotoskiJohn Kotoski is the operations manager of River Run Development Associates and golf course.  He shares his views on how development and open space can work together to help the environment and how responsible development works to help the economy.
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Annabel LesherWaterfront homeowner and long time resident Annabel Lesher talks about living along the banks of the Miles River. She reflects on changes in the area and environment has changed in her lifetime, and discusses her personal efforts to become an active and engaged citizen regarding water quality issues.
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Tom Leigh and Drew KoslowMidshore Riverkeepers Tom Leigh and Drew Koslow talk about the importance of clean water for healthy communities, and how the Watershed Implementation Plans play a role in the efforts to improve water quality in the Chesapeake Bay region.
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Amanda FenstermakerAmanda Fenstermaker is Director of Tourism for Dorchester County. She describes how tourism plays a role in maintaining the balance between a growing economy and the preservation of the Eastern Shore’s unique natural resources.
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Russ BrinsfieldRuss Brinsfield, Executive Director of the Harry R. Hughes Center for Agro-Ecology and Wye Research Center, speaks on the importance of keeping agriculture and the poultry industry viable on the Eastern Shore.  He gives his perspective on how this can be accomplished while also protecting the environment and water quality in the Chesapeake Bay region.
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The views expressed in the following videos reflect the subject’s personal perspectives, not necessarily those of the Maryland Humanities Council (MHC).  This website offers a neutral space for open dialogue on the issue of water quality, and we encourage you to participate by comment in response to the videos watched.

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